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Our Introduction

How we got here… 

We started small with a friend group who wanted it to be more then just a single player world. We started by connected as a lan party and playing for hours on end, slowly making our way through the minecraft world, creating, destroying and conquer the world. After a while we stopped wanting to play and do the same old thing repeatedly, so we decided to become a community. A community that could allow others with the same passion for minecraft to come together and make memories, to do something to make the time pass by. And thats how we got here, CombatCraft…

A few things we’re great at

We are here to make a difference to the minecraft community, not only do we provide a fun and entertaining experience but offer, support, friendship and loyalty. So if you enjoy playing minecraft and have the same passion that we do… consider joining us, here at combatcraft!

Community Driven Economy

Combatcraft provides player’s the experience to earn, use and collect money to be spent in-game to better prepare yourself across our community.

Daily and weekly mystery crates

Player’s are given to the opportunity to participate in community and server events here at Combatcraft. Various ways players can participate inlude things such as server voting, player driven lotteries and even by refereing friends for rewards.


Join in the community lotteries for the chance to win big! Winning prizes include, exclusive cosmetics, money, perks, kits and heaps more! Not only do we have lotteries every week, but we give rewards all the time to dedicated members.

Gamemode variations

Here at Combatcraft we aim to provide quility over quantity. This means we try to provide the best gamemode & minigame experience a minecraft server player can have, and if we don’t arichive that… then we fix it, and do better. W

Dedicated Team

We are a dedicated team here to support you and to help you grow as you become better and stronger minecraft player’s! If you haven’t already.. join the community!

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