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Being respectful to other players

All players have the right to be spoken to or addressed in a respectful manner. Players are all users that play in the CombatCraft Universe.

Respecting players means that players should not create negative experiences for others.

Behaviour that is not allowed:

  1. – Overuse of bad language
  2. – Trolling players
  3. – Insulting other players in any way
  4. – Encouraging violence or hatred towards other players
  5. – Falsifying information about other players
  6. – Sharing another player’s personal information without their consent
  7. – Media Advertising – posting links to YouTube, Twitter, SnapChat, Domains, etc
  8. – Spamming – pasting the same or similar messages over and over
  9. – Talking about self-harm, or other deeply negative experiences
  10. – Advertising giveaways (in Lobbies and forums)
  11. – Discussion of inappropriate topics

Cheating & Explointing

Players have the right to play in an environment which is fair and free of cheating and exploiting.

To provide a positive experience for all players, we disallow all hacks, cheats, macros, and other behaviours that are used to gain an unfair advantage.

Any bug on the server or within Minecraft that is used to gain an in-game advantage over other players is seen as unfair gameplay and is not allowed. This is to ensure that bugs that do arise are not used in an abusive manner to gain an unfair advantage in games.

This means no matter where they are on the server, regardless of the reason, game modifications, cheats, or exploits that give an unfair advantage to gameplay are strictly prohibited.

Unfair advantage means that players should not get interrupted during games for any of the reasons below:

Disallowed mods/cheats

  • – Encouraging cheating
  • – Exploiting
  • – Autoclick / Macros
  • – Disallowed mods

Categories of Allowed Modifications:

  • – Client performance improvement mods (e.g. FPS improvement mods)
  • – Aesthetic modifications (e.g. shaders mods)
  • – Armor and Effect Status HUD mods
  • – Brightness and gamma adjustment mods

AFK FARMS/Automated farms

Due to the nature of our server players need money, and the easitest way for players to gain money with little effort is with afk farms. AFK farms are fun to build and can require alot of redstone and effort into making them work properly. Due to the nature of minecraft mob/entity craming inside AFK farms are becoming a known issue.

Here are combatcraft we welcome anyone to our server and we allow pretty much any building types regarding that fit within our rules and guides. But now we are having to put a cap on how big AFK farms can be in our server. As of (2/01/2021) Farms can no longer be over the size of 100x100x100. Players will also have to register/acknowledge an AFK farm (basically fill out a form so we know about it) If the staff find or an AFK farm is reported we will inspect it, check out registered AFK farms and if it is found to be unregistered we will remove it without warning. Players will be compensated for the value of the blocks and will have the money deposited into their in-game bank.